1969                                                                                                        2008

Eva Haraldsted
Born 1948, DK-Søborg


My favourite work area is sculpturing and oil/tempera painting where I work towards a simplified idiom, where the texture of the colours and the forms is the most vital issue.
The works of arts are often abstract with the colours of nature as a source of inspiration especially from the beach, diatomite and the cliffs.

I test the materials and techniques among others lithography, video and photo.
Sculptors like Giacometti, Brancusi, Cy Twombly and Doris Salcedo and painters like Mark Rothko, Hammershøi, Per Kirkeby fascinate me.

My interest for imagery goes all the way back to my childhood, where my parents took a position on the new tendencies in art.
Already in the 40s they invested in ”proper modern art”, so art has always played a pivotal role in my life. It also came to several visits to
Gallery Moderne in Silkeborg.

Apart from a bit of oil painting and life-drawing during the teenage years, it is not until the latest years that I have started to concentrate on art and has had the possibility to create my own technical term.




Statement from Artist Karen Gabel Madsen www.karengabelmadsen.dk

Guest teacher at Aarhus Academy of Arts 2006:


”Eva Haraldsted is curious, energetic and persistent so that her ideas are fully seen out. She is open to possibilities in new techniques. She is capable of and she manages to concentrate on the possibilities and hereby using them in a personal expression”.







Eva Haraldsted



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